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This is an agreement between GRINGO MARKETING LLC and —————- .  Gringo Marketing LLC agrees to pay ———– one US Dollar ($1.00)  For each SALE(S) of the book GRINGO that is obtained on the website GRINGOBOOK.COM which is the direct result of an agreed upon Social Post that is approved by Gringo Marketing LLC and of which Social Post  ———– has sent.  Ebook purchases must be made through the website GRINGOBOOK.COM in order for the affiliate to get credited.  Purchases made on Amazon and/or other sites will not be tracked and therefore no commission will be paid for those sales.

Terms of payment:  The social media contractor will be paid on the 1st business day of each month from the web site GRNGOBOOK.COM.  The contractor will be sent a list of all of the SALES that were obtained as a direct result of the sending of the contractors Social List and will be paid accordingly.