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Introduction to “In The Wind” – An International Travel Blog with Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

After 33 years of being unable to legally obtain an American passport, I'm free to travel the world and I want to bring you with me on the journey with the In The Wind international travel blog. From fugitive to prisoner to #1 Amazon bestselling author with 'Gringo: My Life On The Edge As An International Fugitive', my life has truly been a whirlwind of experiences. But what's next for your old [...]

In The Wind (Episode #1) – Philippine Crucifixion Tour with Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

From midget boxing in a strip club to live human crucifixion, this trip was definitely extreme! I honestly couldn’t wait to share how much fun Sharkey, Marty and I had on the Philippines Tour with Young Pioneer Tours. Upon arriving to Manila, the restaurant that we ate at employed midgets and our group was served by these tiny professional waiters. The astounding level of engagement on my Facebook post [...]

In The Wind (Episode #2) – Unrecognized Countries with Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

Well... you can definitely say we’ve gone “off the beaten track” this time! Young Pioneers Tour planned this trip through Eurasia, touring countries that have almost no infrastructure for tourists. To be honest, my pronunciation of these places is as unrecognizable as they are. Though they are extremely difficult destinations to get to, my trusty travel guides at YPT made it happen! One of the safest, cleanest and [...]

Rendition – The True Story of Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

An elusive international fugitive from justice, cartels, kingpins, stolen passports and the mercenaries who sent him home ISLA MARGARITA, VENEZUELA | This Caribbean paradise only a half-hour’s flight from the capital of Caracas served as home and hideout for Dan “Tito” Davis, but it was a world away from his humble beginnings in the sparsely settled state of South Dakota. As a fugitive from U.S. justice for well over [...]

In The Wind (Episode #3) – Mongolian Express with Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

Checking in from the road as I travel from Beijing to Mongolia on the Mongolian Express! I met a new friend from California as I was boarding the train. Matt Augustine (PHD), the mad scientist from the University of California, helped me with book pimping Gringo and promoting it on the train until he would have to leave me at Ulanbataar for a hike in Gorki-Terelj National Park. In [...]

In The Wind (Episode #4) – Trans-Siberian Express with Dan ‘Tito’ Davis

Well, I started my trip of what I thought was a straight shot into Russia, however before I could even get out of Mongolia, the train stopped at the border! WHY?! It turns out, we had to switch trains and in the process, they had to take off the wheels of the train. Why would they be taking wheels off a train? Apparently the gauges change on the track [...]


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