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Keys Weekly – Man On The Run

New book chronicles life as a fugitive This is one of those crazy, jaw-dropping, page-turning stories that can make a reader whisper an expletive by page 3. Key West resident Dan “Tito” Davis and Peter Conti, Hollywood screenwriter, wrote a helluva story about Tito’s life drug trafficking and running from the FBI for 13 years. “Gringo: My Life as an International Fugitive” is now available on Amazon , and #3 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Law Enforcement Biography, [...]

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Barnes & Noble – Gringo

"We've known for quite a while that Peter Conti is able to capture the essence of American culture, especially the streets, dead on. With Gringo, we see that Conti writes equally as well about such diverse locals as a post-Escobar Medellín, the jungles of the Darien Gap, and the swarm of humanity in Mumbai. He introduces us to a wide range of characters including a Bandito named Fonzie, a hit woman who moonlights as a tutor, a chemistry nerd, [...]

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Delmarva Now – South Dakotan recalls life as international fugitive in memoir

If he could do it over, Dan “Tito” Davis would stick to white crosses. Those were the speed pills he started selling as a student at Black Hills State College in 1972, eventually transferring to Las Vegas and pulling down as much as $200,000 a week working through the illicit drug network established by the Bandidos motorcycle gang. The best part: Davis’ white crosses were made of ephedrine rather than amphetamine. They were technically legal. The mistake he made [...]

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Dan “Tito” Davis Meet & Greet – Vertex Sky Bar

Vertex members are invited to an exclusive, complimentary meet and greet with the well-known South Dakota author, Dan "Tito" Davis, at Vertex Sky Bar. Dan Davis will be available for discussion and book signing. Tuesday, September 26 from 4—6PM *Books will be available for purchase. Limited availability. Vertex Sky Bar

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Editor Spride – Man on the Run

Tito’s biography is just a man telling his story, simple in narrative, but “Gringo” is filled with so much detail and brazen events, Quentin Tarantino should be jealous. Follow his story from modest beginnings in South Dakota to the bright lights of Vegas, from jail to running with the Medillin Cartel, plastic surgery, the endless pursuits of ID and passports, hidden money, multiple wives, businesses, a wild trip to Mumbai and winning a Venezuelan kite surfing championship. New book [...]

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ABNews Wire – Interview

Dan "Tito" Davis, Black Hills State, is a Sig Tau alumni who recently became a published author. With the help of Peter Conti, the book "Gringo," is the untold story of Dan and his unique life journey. His book recently topped one of Amazon's "hot new releases" charts and has over a four-star rating, with over 200 reviews on Barnes & Noble's website. Q: Where did the idea about writing a book generate from? A: I had been on [...]

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