Gringo is an eye-opening page turner that will keep you spell-bound and amazed. Dan’s life was and is one of challenges that few of us can imagine and his ability to make the best of it gives hope and encouragement to all who face obstacles that seem impossible to overcome.
~ Amazon Customer

The real life adventures of Tito are more dynamic than any fiction could ever be!
Gringo, is proof positive that fiction is no match for the real life drama and adventure this man has experienced.
The book is a fascinating and exciting ride with Tito down the winding road of life on run.
I would love to know all the rest of Tito’s adventures that could not be told in the 302 pages of Gringo.
What a movie this book would make! Thank you Dan for writing your memoirs and signing my copy. Keep on keeping on.

~ Martin M

An on the edge of your seat thriller with crazy twist and turns! Great beach book!!
~ Amazon Customer

Easy read,well written and interesting I read it straight thru never put it down.
~ Len Weimer

A very captivating book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. To go through what Tito went through and still survive is quite astounding. I highly recommend this book, which is based on fact and experiences that can only be told through the eyes of someone who actually experienced it.
~ Ralph

Move over “The Most Interesting Man in the World” — you’ve got some serious competition. I was fascinated with this book. Peter Conti takes you into the inner world of Dan Davis, who became an international drug fugitive. I was amazed at the detail in the story – every fact “rang true” because of it. He never tries to aggrandize the drug world, or Mr. Davis’ activities – but just tells it like it is. I even found myself sympathizing, and even “rooting” for Mr. Davis as we were woven into his family, love affairs, and disappointments. A great read – one of the best I’ve picked up in a long time.
~ Rusty H

Now a days we binge watch our favorite Amazon shows or Netflix programs, opening the pages of this book kicks you into reading binge mode
Gringo is a fast paced nonstop thrill ride!! Leaves you wanting to know what’s next??

~ James Furguson

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a fugitive from justice you will want to read this book. A page turner that will take you along for the ride of your life!
~ George Hazzis

If you’ve ever fantasized about pointing your car south (way south) and going completely off the grid, this book could be your primer. Or a cautionary tale. Or both. Regardless, it’s a wild ride you’ll be glad you went on. What happens after that is up to you.
~ Brian Rouff

Sitting poolside here in Dubai on a layover. This book had me flying off the pages! I was so intrigued by Tito and his ventures or survival on the run, I forgot that I was actually poolside in Dubai! If you want an enjoyable, fascinating, action-packed read this book is for you!
~ Amazon Customer