“We’ve known for quite a while that Peter Conti is able to capture the essence of American culture, especially the streets, dead on. With Gringo, we see that Conti writes equally as well about such diverse locals as a post-Escobar Medellín, the jungles of the Darien Gap, and the swarm of humanity in Mumbai. He introduces us to a wide range of characters including a Bandito named Fonzie, a hit woman who moonlights as a tutor, a chemistry nerd, and the heads of some of the most powerful cartels in Latin America. But the most impressive is Conti’s portrayal of Dan Davis, the South Dakotan pot trafficker who we follow through these dangerous terrains as he tries to stay one step ahead of the feds and federales.”
-Michael Corrente, “Federal Hill” and “Brooklyn Rules”

“Peter Conti’s writing is crisp, sharp, and has a sting. There’s an underlying sense of danger throughout this book. He writes as if his fingers are bullets.”
-Buddy Giovinazzo, “Life is Always Hot in Cracktown”

“From millions of dollars lost, just as quickly as gained, to repeating the third grade. . .at age forty, Dan ‘Tito’ Davis has lived three or four lifetimes. Peter Conti does a masterful job of weaving Davis’s colorful life into a provocative page turner.”
-Christopher Grant, “Teenie” and “False Start”

“Peter Conti has written a compelling page-turner about a man on the run and out of time that takes the reader inside the dark demimonde of drug trafficking. You won’t be able to put it down.”
-Frank Owen, “Clubland” and “No Speed Limit”

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