New book chronicles life as a fugitive

This is one of those crazy, jaw-dropping, page-turning stories that can make a reader whisper an expletive by page 3. Key West resident Dan “Tito” Davis and Peter Conti, Hollywood screenwriter, wrote a helluva story about Tito’s life drug trafficking and running from the FBI for 13 years. “Gringo: My Life as an International Fugitive” is now available on Amazon , and #3 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Law Enforcement Biography, with good reason.

Tito’s biography is just a man telling his story, simple in narrative, but “Gringo” is filled with so much detail and brazen events, Quentin Tarantino should be jealous. Follow his story from modest beginnings in South Dakota to the bright lights of Vegas, from jail to running with the Medillin Cartel, plastic surgery, the endless pursuits of ID and passports, hidden money, multiple wives, businesses, a wild trip to Mumbai and winning a Venezuelan kite surfing championship.

“I blew the country with just a fake driver’s license,” Tito said. He disappeared from the Feds in 1994 while out on bail for a crime he didn’t commit, although he was committing other crimes. Dan Davis then became Tito the “Gringo” in Mexico, starting an epic odyssey through slums and jungles all the way to country clubs of South America. “You never wanted to bring the heat, but there were a lot of close calls. I took being on the run seriously; I didn’t want to be drunk or high.” Tito has complete clarity of all his ordeals making his recall undiluted.

It ended in 2007, when he was captured by Venezuelan mercenaries and returned to the U.S. government. Unbelievably, the whole journey was thanks to a lying high school buddy and a pissed-off divorcée. After 10 years in an American jail, Tito is living and writing as a free man in Key West. Enjoying his Conch life, Tito smiles, “Now I play a lot of pickleball, ride my bike and I’m a book pimp.”

“I know a lot of wise guys and people of color who are in the drug game but I had never met a midwestern white dude who was in so deep. And I could see that he was smart,” said author Peter Conti, who won over Tito to help him tell his story. Conti also notes, “I cannot see how this won’t be a film or a limited run TV series. I’ve been in contact with several people but I’m not rushing into anything.” (Brad Pitt’s being one of those “people.”)

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