Publicity Flash – Gringo Book International Fugitive

Publicity Flash – Gringo Book International Fugitive


My life on the edge as an international fugitive

“I have worked with and/or written about mob bosses, rock stars, boxing champions,, Hollywood big shots, Ivy League intellectuals, and Oscar-winning actors. I can honestly say that no one has lived a more fascinating life than Dan “Tito” Davis.” Peter Conti, Author-Screenwriter GRINGO!!!!

“Sharp and insightful, Conti takes us inside the ultimate fugitive story. You know that characters like this exist in the world, but rarely do you get to travel the globe with them.” Rob Weiss, Entourage and Ballers


USA Today reviews Dan Tito Davis memoir – Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive The USA TODAY reviewed Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive by Dan Tito Davis, describing it as an adventure, a travel memoir, albeit from the vantage point of the criminal underworld. Which makes it unique.





Davis was a fugitive from the United States for more than 10 years when he was kidnapped in Venezuela by paramilitary forces and turned over the United States Homeland Security at the airport and flown to Miami and turned over to the US Marshals Service for sentencing from his original drug charges.


A fast-paced, thrilling work about navigating the dangerous drug trade.


Relentless and riveting, neither Tito nor the book ever stop to catch their breath.


Tito has lived a fascinating life, one well worth reading about, and I was enthralled by every page. Tito’s ambition and know-how lead him far past his humble Midwestern beginnings, and his rise and fall made a tale well worth reading, one which I would recommend to anyone.
5 Stars

Portland Book Review

Dan “Tito” Davis has lived the kind of life that is seen in film. Whether or not you sympathize with Davis and the people he met over his life, Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive is a hard one to put down.

Seattle Book Review

//Gringo// is an unbelievable story, more dramatic than fiction could be! This book is a page-turner that should not be missed.


Irregular and Extraordinary Rendition Against US Citizens Still Going ON: Former fugitive Dan “Tito” Davis spent years on the run in Latin America and abroad. But his life as a fugitive ended when he was black bagged and kidnapped from Venezuela and returned to the US to stand trial. He details his story in his new book, Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive.


Tito, in private audience, at temple of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, while in India, during GRINGO World Book Promotional Tour. GRINGO ” My Life on the Edge…..”This soft-spoken, well-traveled, non-malevolent man…pulls you in not only with his spoken words, with a voice with the tenor in the lower ranges, but also with his written words of a life, not of an Avatar’s …but his very own… hard as it is believe, after every page turn…..this is the Real Thing. This story has no peer. As a footnote…..who gets the Dalai Lama to hold his book???…GRINGO does! …and documents it! Montana ” Big R ” Fike, Entertainment / Trend Division – DDTP

No longer on the Run – Catch up with bestselling author Dan “Tito” Davis

By Hays Blinckmann

Dan “TITO” Davis surfing a volcano in Nicaragua promoting “Gringo: My Life as an International Fugitive”. A lot has happened since last May for a little book called “Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive,” written by local resident Dan “Tito” Davis and Peter Conti. Last spring seemed to be just the beginning of what now has become quite a journey for the book and author. Gringo’s story is a jaw-dropping, thrill-ride biography about Davis’ life as a drug trafficker turned fugitive. Follow his story from modest beginnings in South Dakota to the bright lights of Vegas, from jail to running with the Medellin Cartel, plastic surgery, the endless pursuits of ID and passports, hidden money, multiple wives, businesses, a wild trip to Mumbai and winning a Venezuelan kite-surfing championship. Davis had a lot happen to him during the 13 years he lived as fugitive from the FBI. Now, Davis is living a completely different story, traveling around the world promoting his extraordinary biography. Since publishing as an ebook, “Gringo” went number one on Amazon, first in “Hot New Releases,” then in at least three categories simultaneously: “Organized Crime,” “Page-turning Narratives” and “Violence in Society”. “I have had a personal audience with the Dalai Lama in India,” said Davis. “After that exposure, a Bollywood film producer read my book in two days. He was so enthused that he invited me visit him in Bombay, but I told him I wasn’t interested in doing a Bollywood movie. I did spend a few days with Hollywood actors and people in the industry.” Davis has done numerous interviews but said, “What I need is national TV exposure. I’ve done national radio, been in USA Today and over 300 other media outlets. It’s just a matter of a time and this book will be a major movie or a mini-series.” Now, Davis is working with the book’s co author, Conti, going forward with movie production talks with Brad Pitt’s company Plan B and working on a screenplay. He also has met with executives of Lola Lola, leaders in product branding for the upcoming legalized recreational marijuana in California. “Being a former smoker and having a best-selling book on Amazon, they want to feature me as the poster boy for recreational pot in California,” said Davis. The former convict and fugitive is taking in all his success with a lot of humor: “It’s not easy being a professional book pimp.” “BUT THIS IS AN ADVENTURE, A TRAVEL MEMOIR, ALBEIT ONE VIEWED FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF THE CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD. WHICH MAKES IT UNIQUE. JONATHAN ELLIS, OF USA TODAY, JUNE 9, 2017.


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