The Drug Game From The Inside

Dan “Tito” Davis comes from a town in South Dakota that’s so small everyone knows their neighbor’s cat’s name. But once he got out, he made some noise. While at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, he started manufacturing White Crosses, aka speed, and soon had the Banditos Motorcycle Club distributing ten million pills a week.

Life On The Run
After serving a nickel, he got into the weed game, but just when he got going, he was set up by a childhood friend. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, which began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel, through the jungles of the Darien Gap, the middle of Mumbai’s madness, and much more.

The Ultimate Fugitive Story
Tito didn’t have a mega-mansion filled with pretty girls and expensive cars. He survived in the Third World facing adversity at every turn. Millions of dollars came and went as Tito stayed one step ahead of the Feds and the Federales.

A Must Read Provocative Page Turner!

We have noticed that you have been travelling the world promoting your book GRINGO: My Life On The Edge As An International Fugitive, which is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Why do you like to travel so much?

After being kidnapped from Venezuela and spending time in prison, mobility and travel were non-existent to me. Free now, my travel opportunities are endless. I want to travel the world. I am in my fourth quarter and I’m not getting any younger.  Now is the time to travel and enjoy life.  My health is extremely important, I don’t take it for granted. I want to travel now that I am in good health and can enjoy the experience. I am of the opinion that if you able to travel you should do it as much as you can while you can.  Enjoy the sun, feel the wind, smell the sea, enjoy each precious day!

What is the most favourite place that you have visited since you have started your world tours?

I guess that depends on what you are looking for and your personal definition of happiness.  I like trying to absorb some of the foreign cultures.  I also prefer warm weather.  Europe is extremely easy traveling. I love it in the summer.   The old Eastern block countries have lots of charm.  The Western European countries along with Scandinavia are very user friendly, lots to do and see there.

I also did the Siberian Express Train from Beijing to St. Petersburg.  The Russians were exceptionally friendly, that was right before the World Cup.

I have been to every continent except Antarctica in the 17 months since I was released from prison. I plan on visiting there next January.  I have been completely around the world more than 3 times.  I haven’t been in the same bed over five nights since I started.  That makes for covering lots of ground.  Every continent and country is a new experience. So I don’t have a favorite, I love them all.

So tell us about Asia.  What do you like best about that huge continent?

The Asian people are very friendly. I experienced this especially in Japan.  I couldn’t believe how organized and kind the people were there. They were all phenomenally courteous and polite.  In the Philippines it was easy to communicate, In China you just had to go with the crowd and keep moving forward.  I couldn’t believe how modern China was.  India to me was a love/hate ordeal.  I hadn’t been there in about 20 years and I noticed that’s lots of things had improved.  I believe that they are drinking more coffee that tea there now!  In India you are cool if you drink coffee!

We read about when you attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. There you invented the white cross pill, the Red Bull of the day.  They were legal pep pills made of ephedrine but you sold them to the Bandito Motorcycle Club, who thought they were buying methamphetamine.  You were in fact selling them fake drugs.   This was shortly after the founder of the Banditos, Don Chambers and two other members forced two individuals to dig their own graves before murdering them and setting their bodies on fire.  Their crime was selling them baking soda in lieu of meth.  These three Banditos all received life sentences for the murders.  This leads us to the question:  What kind of dangerous situations have you been in while on your recent travels?

Wow. I guess I have been lucky!

I can honestly say that I haven’t been in any in dangerous situations since I have been traveling.  I was walking a dog with a friend at 3 am in Kiev, Ukraine, in the city center.  All along I was thinking that this might not be a very good idea.  Then we walked past some jewelry stores with all the jewels still in the windows with no bars on the windows and everything was very secure. There was no need for security here.

Also, while in Madrid and Buenos Aries I saw families walking in the park and eating ice cream at 3 AM.  They felt safe, I felt safe.   It is always good to ask your hotel about the area you plan to visit, also tell them the time of day you plan on being there.  You need to use common sense anywhere you go.

If you are on a premium organized tour or staying in a first class hotel are in great shape regardless of where you travel. These tour companies take fantastic care of their tourists and travelers.  If you ever had any security questions they are happy to answer them and will point out where there may be potential problems as well as alternatives to take.

What is your favorite mode of travel?

I guess that depends on your time-table.  How much you want to see with the time you have.  Everyone has a different idea of the perfect vacation.

Obviously the riverboats floating down the rivers of Europe are not as fast as the luxury trains, but you will see more at slower pace.  Train travel in Europe is very comfortable, you don’t have to go through all of the security that you do on a commercial airline flight.  Also, most of the train stations go to the center of the city, often close to the best hotels so you don’t waste time in traffic.  It all depends on your schedule, what you deem as comfortable and enjoyable.  I would personally advise you to slow down and enjoy life, your surroundings and  the ride.

You are now about to release the audio book version of your Best Selling book Gringo..  So tell us how that relates to travel?

LOL!  Not many of the people today who are employed, with families have very much if any spare time.  It seems like they are in perpetual motion.   Many have told me that the only spare time they have is when they are driving. They can’t read while at home but they do enjoy listening to audio books when driving.  Also, several professional truck drivers asked me when GRINGO was going to be available on audio book.  After listening to these busy people I thought it would be only natural to produce the audio book.  I also had an artist friend of mine tell me that he read my entire book to his wife, about 1 or 2 hours each night, before they went to bed.  That sealed the deal.  The audio book would help folks listen and enjoy the book.

What are your thoughts on travel?

Make the time to travel!!  Make it a point to visit places that interest you!!  Just GO!!  Safe travels!!

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